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Ágora background


Agora was born from a public-private cooperation agreement established for prefeasibility in 2009 as part of INNOBO, a recovery project for the city set within the Strategic Operation - Ring of Innovation. It became a strategic zone linking the airport to downtown based on its development axis on the Western Railroad, which has now been anticipated as a mobility corridor with associated residual spaces.

These spaces create a large linear park linking the north and south of the city, wherein development nodes are being created for different purposes according to their nature and power. An example of this would be the Fairs, Events and Conventions Node where three strategic projects are being executed in parallel for the development and harmonization thereof:

  • Upgrade Exhibition Facilities
  • Bogotá International Convention Center (CICB – from its Spanish acronym)
  • Upgrade Bogotá’s Water and Sewer Company (EAAB - from its Spanish acronym)


Agora, Bogotá’s International Convention Center, is a megaproject led by Bogotá’s Chamber of Commerce, Corferias and the National Government.

This megaproject will become a world-class tool for Bogota and Colombia, while also distinguishing the city as one of the most attractive places in Latin America for hosting business tourism and world-class events, and a key element in strengthening Bogotá’s competitiveness in tourism.

Erecting this megaproject triggers the INNOBO Project, thus enabling the city to intersect an expansive Fair, Event and Convention District.

As a trigger of the INNOBO project, the Bogotá International Convention Center – Agora, will generate positive benefits for the city such as:

  • 1,700 new jobs will be created in the first five years *
  • It is expected to attract around 210,000 additional tourists per year.
  • New business opportunities will be created in the hospitality, tourism, restaurant and catering industries.

* According to INNOBO prefeasibility study by the National University

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