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Events organizers

Ágora Bogotá will open its doors in 2017 to change the history of events in Colombia.

Find out why Ágora will have the best event rooms in Bogotá and how we complement what our country and city have to offer, with unique experiences that will broaden your view of the world.


Every corner of Agora Bogotá was designed thinking about organizers needs, and in the comfort and pleasure of those attending.

Discover the characteristics of each of them, and give free rein to your creativity. You´ll find an Agora Room for any event in Bogotá.


An event in Agora Bogotá makes you feel completely at home. This section contains information about the Convention Centre, how to get there and places of interest nearby.

Discover Bogotá

A destination of great diversity and many cultures, where tradition lives side by side with all the facilities of the 21st century.

Discover the places that have made Bogotá famous; and the magic of the aromas, tastes and sounds around you that will make you want to come back.

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If you have doubts or questions about our services, contact us.

We have a professional team prepared to resolve your requeriments or questions.

  • Alexandra Torres Asch
    Alexandra Torres Asch
    Marketing and Sales Manager
    (+57-1) 3810000 Ext: 5900
    Linkedin: Alexandra Torres

  • Aymará Salas Ojeda
    Aymará Salas Ojeda
    Marketing Coordinator
    (+57-1) 3810000 Ext: 5904
    Linkedin: Aymará Salas

  • Andres Escandon Meza
    Andrés Escandón Meza
    Commercial Manager
    (+57-1) 3810000 Ext: 5901
    Linkedin: Andrés Escandón

  • Juan Guillermo Carvajal
    Juan Guillermo Carvajal
    Commercial Coordinator
    (+57-1) 3810000 Ext: 5907
    Linkedin: Juan Guillermo Carvajal

  • Yasmin Benavides Castro
    Yasmín Benavides Castro
    Marketing and Sales Assitant
    (+57-1) 3810000 Ext: 5902


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