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Usted se ha contactado a la línea de Ágora Bogotá, para recibir información acerca del centro de convenciones Usted deberá suministrar una serie de datos personales los cuales serán usados y tratados conforme se indica en el siguiente LINK.
Corferias entiende que con el envío de la información Usted ha aceptado la finalidad y el tratamiento presentado.

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In Ágora Bogotá you will find the ideal space to hold an extraordinary event, accompanied by the best recipes that will delight both your palate and the attendees of your event. We can serve up 2,500 dishes simultaneously in highly qualified and exclusive conditions.

Our kitchen has carefully prepared options for different times of the day. You will find american style breakfast, cachaco, paisa, healthy or buffet; packed, a la carte or themed lunches; hot and cold snacks and a special selection of coffee that you can accompany with our delicious desserts.

executive CHEF

Our exquisite menu was designed and prepared by chef Juan Carlos Carvajal Marín, who was Sous Chef at Harry Sasson. He has more than 18 years polishing his style and dishes. He’s had the opportunity to leave his legacy in some of the best restaurants in the country, where not only has he given a unique flavor to each dish, but he has given life to several creations of his own that have already begun to be desired by the public.


In our pastry shop you will find the unique touch of Luis Carlos Olaya Bustos, former Pastry Chef at Criterion and Harry·s Bakery. His passion for pastry and cooking is the secret touch he puts into each of his dishes, always delighting the palate of diners, to the point of setting trends and turning his creations into part of the menus of well-known restaurants in the country.


In the middle of the Linear Park which connects Corferias, Ágora Bogota and the Hilton Hotel, is Amérigo, the new culinary option with a special selection of ·flavors of the world· where you can find typical gastronomy, traditional cuts of red and white meats and international dishes.

Amérigo has a varied menu of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as an excellent service of coffee, bakery and pastry, and a remarkable variety of pizzas, prepared with the unique touch of a stone oven. In addition, it is in constant innovation. Therefore, you will constantly discover new and special flavors.

Amérigo is the ideal place to share a delicious meal with friends, clients, partners or acquaintances. It is an exclusive, comfortable and warm place, with a capacity of six tables and 24 diners. With a modern, cosmopolitan and cozy style. Amerigo promises to stand out for the quality of its cuisine and excellence in its service.