Operations and Assembly Manual

Here you will find relevant information on the requirements for the entry of personnel and merchandise, the movement within the enclosure, rules of coexistence within the space and recommendations for the assembly that you must take into account for the organization of your event.

Free Trade Zone Manual

Here you will find the necessary information to understand the characteristics of the Special Permanent Free Trade Zone operated by Corferias, Corporación de Ferias y Exposiciones S.A.

Signaling manual

Here you will find the correct graphic management of the corporate image of third parties within the centre, the rules for placing material in the different areas and the spaces available for publicity such as escalators, elevators, digital screens, pivoted doors, columbines, mirrors and revolving doors.

Capabilities chart

Here you will find the capabilities of all the rooms, lobbies and terraces of Ágora Bogota, as well as the different dispositions that can be achieved in them: event or plenary, class, banquet, exhibition, cocktail or board of Directors.

Architectural plans

Here you will find the plans of the five floors of Ágora Bogota, where you can check the distribution and capacity of the different spaces and the items that are part of each one of them.