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Sustainable policies

Ágora Bogota is a building designed from the most important sustainability standards. Through apparently simple practices it manages to have an important saving of resources, which enables the long-term efficiency of the building and, of course, the environmental balance in its immediate surroundings. These practices are carried out through:

Disposal of garbage:

Recycling is done at the source in two generic groups: recyclable and non-recyclable. The recyclable waste is moved to a waste separation center, while the collection of wet waste is carried out after a depulping treatment.

Intensive use of natural lighting:

Most Ágora spaces have natural lighting thanks to its large windows, which significantly reduces the use of artificial light.

Natural ventilation:

The building has a system of vertical glass windows, called gills, which help reduce the need for mechanical supports.

Reuse of water:

Ágora Bogotá has a flat roof of 80x80 meters, which allows to collect enough water to supply the sewage system of the building (toilets and urinals). In addition, it has storage tanks for rainwater and grit chambers filters for subsequent recirculation inside the center.

Controlled energy consumption:

We have a modern management system that learns the working hours of the building, which allows maintaining the required levels of lighting in the spaces that are actually being used. Also, our escalators have energy storage and our elevators have low power consumption.

Café 4 elementos:

The coffee that is served in our conventions center is organic and comes from Calle Larga, a path in Quindío, where the families of the coffee farmers who produce this coffee are benefited with school and personal supplies for their children.


Our coffee breaks are accompanied by an Alcagüete, a snack with important social impact that for each package sold delivers a healthy snack to a vulnerable child, through its allied foundations.