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Usted se ha contactado a la línea de Ágora Bogotá, para recibir información acerca del centro de convenciones Usted deberá suministrar una serie de datos personales los cuales serán usados y tratados conforme se indica en el siguiente LINK.
Corferias entiende que con el envío de la información Usted ha aceptado la finalidad y el tratamiento presentado.

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Aware of the effect our operation has on the background, we continuously work to identify and follow-up on environmental, social and economic impacts that may occur due to the activity we perform in Fairs and Events that directly compromise our interest groups, with the purpose of establishing the strategies we need to mitigate the negative impacts and enhance the positive aspects in every part of the value chain.

Consequently, we commit to continuously improve our Sustainability Management System to generate actions that promote:

The conservation of the environment through the responsible use of the resources, the adequate use of waste management, spaces and infrastructure and the training and communication to our different interest groups over the best practices for the sector of Fairs and Events.

Respecting human rights, diversity and fair working conditions, the rejection of child labor and the commercial sexual exploitation of boys, girls and teenagers in every part of the value chain of our operation.

Promoting employability in the development of our Fairs and Events. as well as encouraging initiatives and entrepreneurships of communities belonging to peasant population, indigenous groups, afro-descendants, black, raizal communities, palenqueros, victims, reinserted or reincorporated, among others, with the purpose of contributing to the tourism for the peace and development of these communities.

Offering a Fair and Events portfolio that contributes to the fulfillment of the Objectives of Sustainable Development that involves the use of digital tools in synergy with our physical sites to promote an environment that stimulates the generation of businesses and knowledge exchange.

The decisive support of transparency processes and accountability through timely and continuous communication with our interest groups to build market trust.

Thus, we provide the necessary resources to execute and comply with the legislature and regulations that apply to our business, in harmony with the economic goals of the Organization, to propel the companies’ competitivity and contribute to the country’s sustainable development.

The policy is communicated to all interest groups by means of the Organization’s web page.