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In Ágora we make sure that your audiovisuals have the best quality, through:

  • An internal team of audiovisual services to meet any requirement.
  • A multi-zone system that allows to subdivide the convention center in different areas.
  • Conference type pre-installed sound in all classrooms.
  • Audio and Video connections that connect different areas of the Convention Center, and allow the connection of multiple areas to the same event.
  • A / V systems that can be used both for conferences and for complex events.
  • Rooms with an infrastructure with audio and video signals distributed in multiple floor locations, ceiling speakers to allow simultaneous use of the rooms, with and without the mobile divisions.
  • HDMI router for computer video, touch control panels, several video projectors and mobile systems for teleconferencing and simultaneous translation.
  • Video beams of 8,000 and 12,000 lumens that guarantee an excellent quality in the projections.


In Ágora Bogota we have a basic Internet service of 5 megabytes and a free public network available in common areas with a bandwidth of 3 megabytes. Moreover, we have dedicated channels with different features, from 3 megabytes to 2 GB, including; Public IP of 5 megs and up; IP telephony, which allows you to make local and international calls; Wi-Fi solutions to connect up to two thousand computers; Captive portals, to obtain information from users, and Channels for transmissions with 10 megabytes for uploads and downloads for live broadcasts.


Ágora Bogota is part of the Special Permanent Free Trade Zone operated by Corferias, Corporación de Ferias y Exposiciones S.A, declared as such by Resolution No. 5425 of June 20, 2008. This benefit allows foreign merchandise entering this area to be under a suspensive regime of cancellation of customs duties.


Ágora Bogota has the best offer of services for the development of your event. In our mezzanine you will find an office with an extensive catalog that ranges from technical services, telecommunications and audiovisual equipment, to furniture and nursery. All of them have different payment methods.


Ágora has a parking lot with capacity for 1000 vehicles and 300 bicycles in two basements, with access through Calle 25 # 33-60. It has two access ramps from the two adjoining streets, Carreras 38 and 40.


Ágora Bogota has a set of suppliers whose services are independent from those provided by the center. Here you will find the characteristics and contact data of the providers of simultaneous translation, POP material, valet parking, registration, furniture, decoration, transport and forklifts.